Chemical Process Pumps

Our aim is Customer Satisfaction, Through Quality Products & Prompt Services

Chemitek is involved in manufacturing of Chemical Process Pumps & Equipments and offering positive solutions to customers needs. Chemitek is started by a team of Technocrats, specialist in the application engineering of process pumps and utility pumps for use in various industries. Most of the products supplied by Chemitek are custom designed for specific applications.

Our well qualified, technically proficient & highly motivated team of engineers has enabled us to surpass consistent growth & success. We believe that quality assurance means getting it at the very first time.Quality is critical, strategic & an integral part of our business.

Our philosophy

We expect all our employees, vendors and service providers to work to the highest standards. Only in this way is it possible to secure excellent performance which is the prerequisite for maximizing customer benefit. Our strengths are our courage to explore new avenues and our commitment to and capability of continual improvement.

Customer Service

Pumps & Equipments economics are dictated by availability. Customer service is a matter of attitude. Our teams of experienced engineers / technicians are experts in locating trouble sources, finding positive solutions and restoring normal pump/equipment operation fast and efficiently.

CHEMITEK offers a complete service package, from pump commissioning, training of operating & Maintenance team and repair services. We are at your site in no time to support you consistently with effective solutions. Chemitek see to it that customers pumps are always running.