Spool Gaskets

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Silicone Foam Gasketing

  • Faster than cut rubber gaskets and cleaner and easier than two-part, form-in-place and spray can gaskets
  • Complete inventory of gasketing on a roll
  • Closed-cell foam forms and compresses better than solid silicone rubber
  • No binders, no fillers, no leak paths
  • More economical than PTFE joint sealants and just as convenient
  • Use in services up to 350°F (175°C), 300 psi (20 bar)

The Tool Box Necessity

CHESTERTON® 175 Peel & Seal Silicone Foam Gasketing puts a high quality gasket in your tool box. Just lay out the path for the gasket, peel off the adhesive paper backing and apply. The aggressive adhesive is specially designed to hold in place for bolt tightening, but is easily removed. Put a few rolls in your tool box for handy, on-the-spot use on flanges, manway and handway covers, or any other common gasketing need.