Steel Trap Gasket

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Steel TRAP TM Metal / Graphite

Complete stainless steel containment of graphite sealing media Concentric, isolated convolutions in sheet stainless steel trap pure graphite against the flange face.

As the flange is closed, the convolutions are progressively flattened,thus trapping the graphite sealing media. Not only is a highly effective seal effected against both faces of the flange, but the graphite is protected against oxidizing atmospheres and corrosives.

Get long term reliability without flange welding CHESTERTON Steel Trap Gaskets can remain in place and will continue to seal effectively until removal is necessary for equipment servicing or repair.

These seals pay for themselves many times over in reduced maintenance and downtime.

One size gasket fits all flange pressure classes

The unique,self-locating design allows the same size gasket to be used in the vast majority of flange pressure classes. This results in unnmatched time savings in locating the right gasket, while reducing inventory and virtually eliminating the chance of incorrect gasket selection.